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MS Ireland believes that research is the most beneficial way to improve understanding of the condition, leading to better treatments, interventions, management and ultimately a cure for MS.  We support, promote and fund scientific and social sciences research. We firmly believe that research is a key component in improving the health and quality of life for people with MS.


Our research agenda is influenced by a number of issues/topics that include:

  • Investigations to improve the understanding of the condition’s mechanism. 
  • Developing condition modifying therapies.
  • Translational research into how this knowledge can be useful and practical.
  • What interventions can be beneficial. 
  • Treatments to improve quality of life.
  •  How service delivery can positively impact. 

Research is most often stimulated by the scientific and social science community and the desire of people with MS to better understand, manage, prevent or improve their conditions. Aligned to these driving forces is the commercial research agenda driven largely by the pharmaceutical industry.

The responsibility of the state to provide more efficacious and appropriate responses to population health also influences MS research. Given these currents in research and policy areas, MS Ireland seeks to identify and articulate their views and priorities of Irish people with MS.

A 2013 study completed by the MS Society in the United Kingdom, in partnership with the James Lind Alliance, identified the top research priority areas for people with MS in that jurisdiction. In Ireland, an internal organisational review carried out by MS Ireland in 2011 identified research as a key priority area, with 83.1% of 930 respondents stating that research is an extremely important function of the organisation.

Since its establishment, MS Ireland has a history of funding and supporting research in many areas of MS. With the economic downturn in 2008, the funding available to MS Ireland has decreased and in recent years MS Ireland has not been in a position to fund a substantial amount of research. However, MS Ireland believes that research is the most beneficial way to improve understanding of the condition and continues to support research and researchers in a variety of ways including dissemination of research findings, collaborating with academic institutions and advocating for the improvement of the research environment in Ireland.  

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