Skin Care

In advanced stages of MS, a person’s skin is more likely to break down. Even when receiving very good skin care, research has shown that the number of skin wounds rises due to risk factors such as lack of movement and muscle spasms, taking in less food and fluid, a weak immune system, loss of the ability to feel pain, and loss of bowel and bladder control. This section provides tips and advice on caring for skin.

Your role may be ‘hands-on’, i.e. checking the skin for signs of redness or irritation, applying moisturizing creams, changing dressings, turning and positioning, or applying booties, lambskin or other pressure reducing surfaces in order to prevent or treat pressure sores.

Or your role could be one of “manager”, i.e., supervising home health staff, or calling nurses or other health care professionals regarding skin status in order to ensure that appropriate care is being provided.

At the earliest sign of skin breakdown contact your GP or Public Health Nurse immediately.

Pressure Sores