Skydive terms & conditions

Various terms and conditions apply to many of MS Ireland's challenges to ensure everyone's health, safety and enjoyment.

Please see terms and conditions for the MS Ireland Skydive:

1. To take part in the MS Ireland skydive participants must pay a non refundable / non transferable €25 registration fee and raise a minimum of €555 (excluding registration fee).

2. If participants choose not to take up their places then all sponsorship and monies must be forwarded to MS Ireland as your sponsorship was raised for charitable purposes.

3. If you cancel your jump for any reason, no refund is payable as your as your sponsorship was raised for charitable purposes. However, you may be offered an alternative date for your jump.

4. All participants must be over 18 years (unless previously agreed with MS Ireland).

5. Skydivers participate at their own risk. MS Ireland is unable to accept and liability. 

6. Skydiving is not covered under MS Ireland insurance, and It is advised that you take out personal insurance for you jump. 

7. If you have any medical condition, are on any prescription drugs or are over the age of 50, you will need to get clearance from your doctor in order to jump. This cert will be required on the day of the jump.

8. By registering for this event, you are confirming you understand the terms and conditions.