Support Bubbles

On October 19th, the Government announced that “support bubbles’ form part of their plan for tightening restrictions in response to rising cases of COVID-19. Support bubbles allow interaction between two households under conditions, for the duration of the Level 5 restrictions. You can only form a support bubble with one other household if they are not already part of one. This will essentially allow two households to act as one.

While it is encouraged that you should choose a household in your locality with which to pair, it can be outside of the 5-kilometre limit.

Support Bubbles are an option in certain circumstances:

  • if you are living alone with children under the age of 18
  • if you live alone and have mental health challenges
  • if you share parenting or custody arrangements
  • if you live with a partner who has dementia (needs full-time care)
  • if you live by yourself and have a carer or carers who support you

It is still vital to maintain physical distance from people outside your support bubble.

Further information on this is available here: