South East Regional Contacts

Multiple Sclerosis Ireland
South East Regional Office
Walkin Street, Kilkenny
T: (056) 77 77 771 | E:

Staff Contact Details

Regional Co-ordinator for South East & Regional Community Worker - Kilkenny
Katie Hourigan
Office Hours: Mon to Thur 9am to 5pm
A: Walkin Street, Kilkenny
M: 087 2663564 | E:

Regional Community Worker – Waterford & Tipperary South
Deirdre Growney
Office Hours: Tue/Wed 9am to 5pm/Thur 9am -12.30pm
M: 086 606 16 45 | E: 

Regional Community Worker – Carlow & Wexford
Una Goan
Office Hours: Tues/Wed 9am to 5pm | Thurs 9am -12.30pm
A: Block A, First Floor, Wexford Local Development Offices, Spawell Road, Wexford
M: 087 7375298 | E:

Administrator/Clerical Resource Worker 
Olive Murphy
A: Walkin Street, Kilkenny
Tel: (056) 77 77 771 | E:

Data Collectors 
Bríd Comerford

Theresa Fogarty

South East Regional Voluntary Branches

MS Ireland’s voluntary Branches are primarily run by people with MS and their families. They are governed by an elected committee to organise the activities of the Branch including all the services and fundraising activities. Voluntary Branches work very closely with the regional offices.

The five voluntary Branches below provide local support and services to people and families with MS in their own communities. The work of the Branch depends on the resources it has, the needs of people in the community and the size of the Branch.


To get involved at a local level please contact our Branch Liaison Officer, Tríona Ní Ráinne at

Carlow Voluntary Branch

Chairperson: Mr John McDermott
Vice-Chair: Mr Anthony Graham
Secretary: Ms Paula Lynch
Treasurer: Ms Lynda Harrington O Dwyer
PRO: Mr Kieran Coughlan
Council Delegate: Mr John McDermott

Kilkenny Voluntary Branch

Chairperson: Mr Andy Casey
Vice-Chair: Mr Gerry Bowe
Secretary: Ms Valerie O Shea
Treasurer: Ms 
Christina McGrath

Council Delegate: Mr Gerry Bowe

Tipperary South Voluntary Branch

Chairperson: Mr William Perry
Vice-Chair: Ms Majella Bradshaw
Secretary: Ms Lorraine Fahy
Treasurer: Ms Peggy O Brien
Council Delegate: Mr William Perry

Waterford Voluntary Branch

Chairperson: Leslie Warren
Vice-Chair: Mr John Galgey
Secretary: Ms Catherine Quinlan
Treasurer: Ms Rosemarie Kelly
Assistant Treasurer: Carlo Ustiani
Council Delegate: 

Wexford South Voluntary Branch

Chairperson: Ms Bernie Faragher
Vice-Chair: Ms Elaine Murphy
Secretary: Ms Lynda Shaw
Treasurer: Ms Christine Lanigan
Council Delegate: Ms Ruby Murphy