Access To Information

The Freedom of Information Act 1997 as amended by the Freedom of Information Act 2003 applies to MS Ireland, and is intended to facilitate public access to information held by public bodies which is not routinely available by other means. 

On 14 October 2014, the Freedom of Information Act 2014 came into effect and repealed the 1997 and 2003 Acts. The new Act introduced a number of changes to the Freedom of Information scheme and widened the range of bodies to which the FOI legislation applies. It also allows for the Government to prescribe (or designate) other bodies receiving significant public funds, so that the FOI legislation applies to them also.

The old legislation continues to apply to any FOI request made before the new legislation came into effect. It also applies to any subsequent review or appeal.

Access to information under the terms of the Acts is subject to certain exemptions, procedures and time limits.  

MS Ireland already makes available certain information on its functions and activities to the public through its annual returns, information leaflets, information on our website and through discussions with staff members. This information will continue to be available without having to make a formal request under the Freedom of Information Acts. Click here 

Information is also available outside the Acts through administrative access i.e. by writing to the appropriate staff member stating the information/record requested.

Information Routinely Available

Making A Request