Faces of MS

We know that MS impacts those living with it in different ways and there are over 9,000 people living in Ireland living different lives- NO TWO PEOPLE LIVES ARE THE SAME. This project aimed to highlight this and challenge some of the misconceptions about MS and what people living with MS look like. To coincide with World MS Day, May 30th 2023 we have partnered with Novartis Ireland for a photographic campaign and the photos we are using are of a range of people with different experiences across Ireland. #IaMSomeone

Andy Walsh

Andy Walsh

“I use the phrase ‘mixed blessing’ to describe my Multiple Sclerosis, because I have changed and improved my lifestyle massively since my diagnosis and I count myself lucky to be able reframe the priorities in my life"

Emma Valentine

Emma Valentine

"I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in September 2011, not long after going to the doctor with a collection of weird and wonderful symptoms I could no longer explain away" 

Mark Mitchell

Mark Mitchell

"I had to retire from my recruitment business as between fatigue and losing my voice, the decision made itself. It takes a while to adjust to having MS. Like everybody else, I asked, why me?"

Maggie Green Faces of MS

Maggie Greene

"I have a busy life, but I’ve had to learn about balance. I’ve had to assess how I use my energy and identify every day what I can and cannot do"

Paul Tierney Faces of MS

Paul Tierney

"One challenge I have faced is having to adapt my sporting life. I miss playing and competing in rugby and GAA however, I have found alternatives like volunteering at Parkruns and coaching yoga -something I never would have done before."

Rosie Farrell

Rosie Farrell

"As humans our identities constantly shift and change yet I found freedom in painting I never expected and I will always be grateful to MS for leading me back to art"

Christina McDonald Faces of MS

Christina McDonald

"MS is such an unpredictable disease and is unique to each person. No two people with MS look the same."

Naomi Donaldson Faces of MS

Naomi Donaldson

"I plucked up the courage to ask my neurologist the question that I had been putting off and he told me “be the pregnant lady with MS, not the MS patient who’s pregnant"