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Get Involved With Advocacy

Get Involved in Advocacy

Make your voice heard by asking your local TD to raise the issues facing over 9,000 people with Multiple Sclerosis in Ireland. We are lobbying for improved access to services, treatments and benefits and entitlements - all of which have suffered severe budget cuts in recent years, significantly impacting people living with MS.

There are a number of ways you can interact with your TDs – many TDs will have local clinics where you can go in and meet them in person and this is usually the best way to bring up issues of concern to you. TDs are more likely to take action on an issue if a number of their constituents bring it up with them directly. 

As well as going to a TD’s clinic, you can also email or write to your TDs. You can find the names and contact details for your local TDs at  Simply put your address into the search bar and all the details for your local political representatives will come up.

You can find some key data and points for you to raise with your TDs in MS Ireland’s current Advocacy Strategy. You can read the Advocacy Strategy here

Current advocacy issues that you may wish to raise with your local TD, including sample letters in relation to these issues can be found  here. You can copy and paste the samples into an email or letter, or you can bring them up in person at your local TD’s clinic.

Don’t forget to personalise your letter/email by sharing your own personal experiences with issues you have encountered – although data and numbers are important, it is your personal experiences that will be of most interest to your local TD.

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