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VHI Mini Marathon 2024

Join us and thousands of women on the 2nd of June for this year’s Mini Marathon as part of Team MS Ireland raising funds to provide vital services for the MS Community

Step 1 – register below with MS Ireland to join our team and get your pack

Step 2 – register with VHI Mini marathon

Step 3 – Start training – if you are posting online please tag us so that we can share your story

Mini-Marathon 2024 Signup

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Fundraising Rules
• Door to door or street collections are not allowed without a Garda Permit
• Please note that all fundraising collected along with used and unused sponsorship cards must be returned to MS Ireland, 80 Northumberland Road, Dublin 4 after the day. We are unable to transfer any funds to local branches unless told at the time of registering with MS Ireland
• If due to unforeseen circumstances you cannot participate in the Mini Marathon or are unable to raise some funds for us, please do let us know and return your pack so we can reuse it. Every fundraising pack we issue that is not used and returned costs MS Ireland €10. With your help, we are looking to reduce this cost in 2024, so please let us know.
• Making your own sponsorship cards or photocopying official sponsorship cards is not permitted.
• If you decide to get a Garda collection permit you are required to tell MS Ireland the day and location where you will be collecting.

We appreciate all your hard work fundraising, these guidelines are in place to ensure transparency and security for all your funds raised.

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