Going to the MS Annual Conference. Are You?

This week Christina McDonald shares with us her first experience of MS Ireland’s 2018 conference and the reasons why she is attending the upcoming conference in Limerick this September.

This year’s MS Ireland’s National MS conference takes place on Saturday the 21st September in Limerick and I am so looking forward to the event. Since my diagnosis in 2006, I attended my first national conference last year. I really can’t describe the feeling of support and a sense of community that I got from the moment I arrived at the event. Everyone in attendance had been affected by MS in one way or another and I felt very relieved that there were so many people there who shared their MS experiences and stories.

No two people with MS are the same

On the day there were times that I felt a little bit overwhelmed, but maybe that is only natural especially as my MS diagnosis is still relatively new and raw to me and I was surrounded by people living with MS for many, many years. I often tell family and friends, “when you meet one person with MS, you have only met one person with MS.” No two people with MS are the same. MS has many symptoms and although we all share similar symptoms, each case of MS is unique to each individual.

I felt from talking to people at the event was really a great experience for me, especially listening to stories from people who have been living with MS longer than I have. It was a great meet up for me to learn tips and advice as we do not know how our MS will progress in the future.


I received so much information from the guest speakers and medical professionals which put a big emphasis on brain health and its importance. I also learned a lot about the importance of exercise and how stress can affect the brain. I found it very informative and I am looking forward to learning more at this year’s event.

Before the conference last year, I was a little bit hesitant about going to it. I suppose I was afraid of seeing so many people with MS and getting scared. As I said before, MS is different for each person. For anyone who is newly diagnosed and feel a bit scared of attending, I felt that way last year, but I couldn’t be happier that I went. I learned so much, built friendships and I had so much fun!

In my opinion, who better to talk about MS but people who are also living with it. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and we were all brought together by this conference.

It was amazing to see so many MS warriors in the same place at the same time.

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