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Declan Groeger
24 Jul 2014

The Importance of Focus

We need 'focus' in our everyday lives to achieve our goals or targets. We need self-discipline to stay on track. Our battle with Multiple Sclerosis is a never ending battle and there are very few lulls in the fighting and because of that we need focus more than most. The need for focus begins with little things, with attainable targets. We need 'our little victories' as Claire Mitchell wrote in her recent blog. The longest journey begins with one step. Take the first step and set yourself a target, the second step is to set a route plan to reach the target and the third step is a celebration having reached your goal.

Emma Rogan
26 Jun 2014

Employment Access: The value of work

Employment affects your brain, your mental health, the money in your pocket and life you get to live. This week Emma Rogan discusses the value of work from her perspective and how having something to wake up FOR can transform our lives. 

Willeke Van Eeckhoutte
19 Jun 2014

Access all Areas

Ah, public transport… Train stations without elevators or escalators; Buses with seats for elderly or disabled people; Crutches or walking sticks you want to throw from the train right into the Irish Sea.

Niamh McCarron
12 Jun 2014

Access to a Public Loo!

I took some time to think about my approach to my blog post. “Access” encompasses so many issues it was a little bit daunting to pick one.