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MS & Me AnonMS Blogger
17 May 2018

Why MS Is My Secret

This week the MS and Me AnonMS blogger, a health care professional, shares with us an insider’s perspective on disclosure. Does disclosing MS status lead to the condition overshadowing all other aspects of a person’s life and reduce them down to a diagnosis?

Mary Deveraux
04 May 2018

Living with Primary Progressive MS

This week Mary Deveraux shares with us her experience of Primary Progressive MS. Akin to the big stories we’re all familiar with, PPMS brings unexpected twists to life no-one ever expects. 

Christina McDonald
19 Apr 2018

Diagnosed with MS. Now What?

This week Christina McDonald goes deep into the experience of being diagnosed with MS. From being scared and grieving, she’s learned to doing things differently. More than ever before, she’s chasing her dreams. 

Katie St. Lawrence
05 Apr 2018

MS Fatigue

Read the first blog for MS and Me from Katie St. Lawrence (24). She shares her experience of what it means to have fatigue, how she deals with it and how, thanks to being strategic about rest, energy and listening to her body, life is as enjoyable as ever.

Teresa McShane
29 Mar 2018

Living With MS For 20 Years

For her very first MS and Me blog, Teresa McShane delivers a tale of her fast-paced and effervescent years as an advertising executive in London but soon discovered that life had other ideas. 

Bobbie Severson, ARNP
22 Mar 2018

Menopause and MS Part 1

This week we bring you a special feature on Menopause and MS from Bobbie Severson, ARNP from the MS Centre at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute in Seattle, Washington, USA. We have divided it into two parts for ease of reading, click on the link at the end of the piece for Part 2.