7 Things to Do...

...For World MS Day

Whether you’re strapped for time and money or not, there are plenty of things you can do to raise awareness, raise the issues and raise funds this World MS Day.

Image removed. What’s Your Motto?
Mottos can lift our spirits and motivate us to make the most of every day. You don't have to be affected by MS to get involved. We want to know the mottos that give you strength, even in the most challenging of times. Add your motto now.

Image removed.Spread the Word
Send an email to your friends and family, change your social media image, take some posters and put up around your locality or maybe put something up on your company’s website. You can download lots of bits and bobs here, including a link to a online MS simulator. Forward, share and create!

Image removed.Attend An Event
Across the country we are organising information and  support events. If you want to meet people with MS, pick up information and tap into local services check the calendar on our website for an event near you. Fundraising events are on the calendar too!

Image removed.Organise a MS Ireland Tea Party
In May or June organise a MS Ireland Tea Party in your home, community or workplace. What is raised locally will be spent locally on our home visit service, exercise and physiotherapy programmes, information events and through our voluntary Branches counselling and local support. Sign up for a pack today!

Image removed.Celeb Auction
Get your hands on The Script, Noel Gallagher, Imelda May, Brian O’Driscoll, Def Leppard and many more in our giant auction. Place you bids today for unique signed and framed prints.

Image removed.Organise Your Own Event
If our events are not floating your boat why not organise something with some friends, family or work colleagues. Run a table quiz, do a non-uniform day or get active with a run, walk or skydive! We also have MS Ireland pins you can sell or collection buckets you can use. Get planning today!

Image removed.Red Card to the Government
Show your dissatisfaction with the neurology and neurorehabilitation services by emailing your local TD’s. Raise the issue and demand action. Email now. 

Your support means that we can provide vital services to people with MS in your community. From our home visits to respite care to physiotherapy and counselling our staff and volunteers work with people with MS and their families throughout Ireland.

Thanks for your support!