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Naomi Donaldson Faces of MS
MS Ireland
01 Jun 2023

Faces of MS Campaign

We know that MS impacts those living with it in different ways and there are over 9,000 people living in Ireland living different lives- NO TWO PEOPLE LIVES ARE THE SAME. This project aimed to highlight this and challenge some of the misconceptions about MS and what people living with MS look like.

World Ms Day Logo
MS Ireland
31 May 2023

Media TV and Radio during World MS Day

World MS Day took place on Tuesday, 30th May. MS Ireland was represented on television and radio. We had some brilliant ambassadors sharing their stories on what life is like living with Multiple Sclerosis all of which you can listen back below.

Declan Groeger
18 May 2023


The importance of connections cannot be overstated, and many people take them for granted. It is often confused with Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) Syndrome. Joni Mitchell sums it up beautifully in her song “Big Yellow Taxi” –

“Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
Till it's gone…”

WMSD 2020
MS Ireland
15 May 2023

I aM Someone Campaign

MS is different for each person impacted by it. They experience different symptoms, with different degrees of severity for different amounts of time. There is no one way to ‘have’ MS, there is no one way to live with MS. Our aim is to showcase a range of experiences so people will better understand that MS is a very individual condition.

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MS Ireland
12 Apr 2023

The Unspeakable Bits May Webinar "Mending Broken Connections" 8pm on 29th May

From loss of workplace comradery and friends that seem to fade away, to forgotten invitations and last-minute cancellations, MS can make keeping in touch more difficult.  Our host Trevis L Gleason and a panel with Dr Rebecca Maguire (Assoc Professor of Psychology Dept Maynooth), Emma Rogan and Joan Jordan will talk about “Mending Broken Connections” on MS Ireland's The Unspeakable Bits Webinar on Monday, 29th May at 8pm as part of World MS Day events. Free registration here

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MS Ireland
02 Jun 2022

World MS Day 2022

World MS Day 2022 took place on Monday May 30th and the theme of this year's campaign was 'Connections'. To coincide with World MS Day  MS Ireland in partnership with Novartis Ireland, held an Art exhibit The Art of MS – Symptoms Under the Spotlight’ featuring 12 original works of art created by people living with MS in Ireland.

We had some brilliant ambassadors sharing their stories on what life is like living with Multiple Sclerosis all of which you can now read and listen back below.

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MS Ireland
31 May 2022

The Art of MS – Symptoms Under the Spotlight

Over 9,000 people are currently living with Multiple Sclerosis in Ireland. These individuals face a plethora of broad ranging symptoms, ranging from the visible, such as tremors, speech difficulties, issues with coordination and balance; to the invisible, such as fatigue, pain, depression, anxiety and cognitive disruptions.To coincide with World MS Day this 30th May 2022, MS Ireland in partnership with Novartis Ireland, are pleased to present this unique collection of original artworks, created exclusively by people living with MS.

From paintings, digital illustrations, freestanding sculptures and creative video content, the artists have utilised their chosen format to illustrate the symptoms they experience and the impact on their lives. The collection explores themes of bodily integration, self-image and changing identities with a palpable vulnerability that invites viewers to consider the artist’s perspective. It is hoped this self-reflexive examination raises awareness of the sheer diversity of potential symptoms by providing insight into the reality of living with MS.

The exhibition is open to the public from Thursday 26 May to Wednesday 1 June inclusively in the main foyer of Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute on Pearse Street, Dublin.

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MS Ireland
28 May 2022

World MS Day 2022

World MS Day 2022 is almost upon us! How will you be celebrating the most important day on the calendar for the MS Community throughout the world?

Get involved in the campaign by using the #MSconnections hashtag on social, or email our comms team Check out all the global events happening below.

MS Ireland
23 May 2022

Lead up to World MS Day

Today marks exactly a week from World MS Day!!

In preparation for next Monday, MS Ireland has a wide selection of different events on over the next week to get you all excited and ready for World MS Day consisting of four radio features, multiple coffee mornings, an Art Exhibition and much more.

Find information on these events below!

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MS Ireland
19 May 2022

New online Health promoting physical activity programme to launch in Galway, Mayo and Roscommon.

Galway, May 17th 2022: Active Neuro offers evidence-based health promoting physical activity programmes for adults living with neurological conditions in the community. The pilot project was funded by the Slaintecare Integration Fund in the Mid-West and Multiple Sclerosis Ireland are currently rolling out this service for people in Galway, Mayo and Roscommon with the support of the HSE disability services in CHO-2.