European Brain Month

Celebrate the brain this May

Across Europe in May people and organisation will focus on the power and mystery of the brain. The initiative is being led by the European Commission and aims to focus attention on neuroscience and the importance of greater collaboration, advocacy and research.

“Advances in neuroscience are crucial to keep our ageing societies and our economy healthy. Brain-related disorders will affect at least one in every three of us during our life and treating these disorders costs already now some 800 billion Euro in Europe every year.” European Commission

Ireland has the presidency of the European Union during May so Brain Month is a key event. The end of May is also World MS Day so MS Ireland is particularly involved in events during May. The Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI) is also coordinating Brain Awareness Month during May. Lots to get involved in!

What’s Happening for Brain Month? 

• MS Ireland’s key event will be World MS Day. Events and activities include a Young People with MS Gathering, music auction, ‘What’s Your Motto?’, Tea Parties and a range of local information and social events.
• NAI will kick of Brain Month with a seminar entitled ‘Think About it: A Strategic Focus on Ireland’s neurological care services’, on the 30th April. The seminar is looking at ways to improve neurological services within the community and in the hospital setting despite limited resources.
• MS Ireland is joining with a number of other NAI members to coordinate a series of Wellness Days for people with neurological conditions. These will be taking place in Cork, Kilkenny, Limerick and Galway. More details to follow soon
• NAI, the European Patient’s Forum and the European Federation of Neurological Associations are organising a conference entitled ‘Towards Active Patient Involvement’. This conference looks at best practice in other disease areas, brain research, European policy, self management and patient advocacy.
• In one of two seminal conferences the health Research Board is coordinating a European conference entitled Healthy brain: healthy Europe – A new horizon for brain research and health care. This two day conference is geared towards the medical, scientific and health care professionals and health policy creators. Its includes speakers from all over the world and looks at topics such as population studies, economics, health systems and policies, patient involvement and taking action. This is invite only.

For all events and more details check out our calendar