Move Smart 2022

We are currently recruiting for Move Smart MS Move Smart MS offers specialised, online, exercise programmes for people with MS. We have learned that by moving our physiotherapy and exercise programmes online, the barriers of transport, travel time and accessibility are removed.
Our feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. By recruiting nationally, rather than locally, we can bring together groups of people at a similar stage of their MS journey and deliver symptom specific programmes. Move Smart MS is funded by the Innovate Together Fund from Rethink Ireland. You can learn more about the programme and how to register here.

Pamela O'Donnell took part in the programme last year and describes her experience below.

"I was diagnosed with MS last March after a few months of problems. It started with a lack of feeling and weakness in my right leg combined with dizzy spells. Luckily my GP referred me to a neurologist immediately and I got my diagnosis within 2 months. 

I was offered the MS Society's Move Smart exercise classes which started in September. My group, which was led by Susan Coote, was a group for newly diagnosed people, we were all diagnosed within the past year. It was great to have access to others who were at a similar stage, we all had very similar symptoms and levels of ability. We all did a 6-minute walking test before we started and repeated it again at the end of the 8 weeks.

Pamela O'Donnell

Susan was great to answer our questions each week before she led our exercises. She gradually increased the intensity for us as we improved and before we knew it we were doing a lot better than any of us had anticipated.

The support of the group has been invaluable especially as my symptoms worsened after having covid in November and, after sending one text into our WhatsApp group, the ladies rallied round with plenty of encouragement. We organised a zoom meeting a few days later which was lovely. Without the MS Society's Move Smart programme none of this would have been possible so I'm extremely grateful for this. 

Thanks to Susan for all of her time and help with our exercises, and yes, my 6-minute test showed a big improvement from 760 steps at the start to 998 at the end. I also gained the confidence to join a tai chi class which is really helping with my balance."

All of our programmes include exercise and an educational component to help you to meet your goals. Our programmes are evidence based and use the latest research to shape their content.
Participants will be grouped with others of a similar age, mobility level and stage of MS. You do not need to be a member of MS Ireland to take part. MS Irelands regional programmes will continue in 2021 where funding permits (contact your Regional Office for details).

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