Our New Year's Resolution...

Keep 'em or lose 'em forever!

MS Ireland
08 Jan 2014

When the bells rang for 2014 last week we felt that classic sense of renewal that a new year always brings. That renewed hope, happiness and purpose is already helping us ensure this is a positive year for people with MS in Ireland.

With this in mind we'd like to share our new year's resolution with you all. In 2014 we want to to bring it back to what it's really all about - people (that's you). We want to provide as much up-to-date MS information, developments and news combining truly inspiring insights from our members living with MS, advice from our friends in the medical community and finally some amusing stories from our supporters.

We hope you'll help us keep our new year's resolution this year!

Now we want to know, what's yours? Tell us in the comments below.