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Emma Rogan
14 Jan 2016

The Good Days

Happiness is not the point, it is not the goal; it is a by-product of a multitude of actions. The daily irritants and toxic effects of life with MS can be turned into something phenomenal.

Declan Groeger
24 Dec 2015

MS & Me Christmas 2015

“Christmas time, Mistletoe and wine...” the festive season is finally upon us and with that comes the certainty that the New Year is only around the corner. It is that time of year when we look backward and forward at the same time like Janus the Roman God of Beginnings. We look back on the year past with a wide range of emotions- happiness, joy, anger and regret, to mention but a few-  and look forward to the new year with a completely different set, mainly expectation tinged with apprehension.