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Helen Farrell
23 Jun 2016

Is My MS Progressing?

I hate seeing documentaries or movies about tornadoes; they absolutely terrify me. There’s a recurring nightmare I have of being caught in a barren landscape at dusk, howling tornadoes circling the scene. Terror takes over with the thought of what is to come. I don’t have to delve very deep to know it is my fear of MS. MS progression to put my finger on it, lurking in the shadows of my mind, surfacing every now and then at night. It is always at night that our fears naturally become magnified but I also have many happy dreams where I am a young, physically strong 25-year-old again, totally MS-free for that short time while dreaming. When I wake up I feel quite cheated to find I’m 43, with MS! Our bodies never forget what was normal was, pre-MS, all those years ago. Our new “normal” states never feel quite right, and the dissonance of symptoms causes a sense of disquiet within us. 

Fermoy Branch
22 Jun 2016

2016 Annual Galtee Walk

The Annual Galtee Walk was held on Sunday, 19th June. Now in its 35th year and despite the inclement weather it was heartwarming to see such a large turn out, showing their support and walking the Galtees to raise funds for the local Fermoy Branch.