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Dublin Brain Bank is  a collaboration between the Neuropathology Department of Beaumont Hospital and The Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI) which facilitates members of the public in donating their brain to medical research This repository of brain tissue can be accessed by researchers in Ireland and internationally who are investigating disorders or the brain and nervous system. The generosity of donors in donating their brain to research allows researchers to examine the underlying causes and mechanisms of neurological diseases such as MS, with the goal of improving diagnostic techniques and treatment for patients in the future.

Dublin Brain Bank accepts brain donations from patients all over the country. The donation is carried out in Beaumont Hospital within 72 hours of the donor passing away. The donor’s body is released to the undertaker to be returned to the family on the day of the donation, and Dublin Brain Bank will make every effort to ensure that the family’s own arrangements are delayed as little as possible. A post-mortem examination of each donation brain is performed by a neuropathologist to confirm the clinical diagnosis. The family has the option to receive a copy of the results of this post-mortem examination if they wish.

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Alternatively, you can call 01 809 2706 to speak with a member of the brain bank team.