Dr. Brendan Kelly Awarded Dean Medal

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Brendan Kelly has been awarded the prestigious Dean Medal.

Image of group of people at the presentation of The Dean Medal Travel Bursary Award 2023

Unfortunately unable to join us on the day, Professor Ronan Killeen graciously accepted the award on Dr. Kelly's behalf. 

Dr. Kelly, recognised for his unwavering dedication, intends to utilise this honour to collaborate with the esteemed Prof Pearse Keane AI Lab in London. The Dean Medal not only symbolises our commitment to MS research but also acknowledges Dr. Kelly's vision to integrate the latest transformer models into an AI change detection project.

Congratulations, Dr. Brendan Kelly, and thank you, Professor Ronan Killeen, for representing him on this remarkable achievement!

l-r Dr Eric Downer, Ava Battles CEO of MS Ireland, Professor Ronan Killeen, Alison Cotter and Rebecca Maguire