Benefits And Entitlements

The State and many of its agencies assist with the financial cost of living with MS, both for the person with MS and the carer. The list of entitlements below is just a brief overview of some of the entitlements and benefits a person with MS/carer may be entitled to.

For a more comprehensive list of entitlements, and information on how to receive the entitlement, contact your local citizen information centre.

People with MS may be entitled to some of the following benefits – however, many of these are means tested.

Long Term Illness Scheme: Multiple sclerosis is one of the conditions covered by the Long Term Illness Scheme. Under the scheme, people affected by certain conditions can get free drugs, medicines and medical and surgical appliances for the treatment of that condition. This scheme is administered by the Health Service Executive (HSE) and does not depend on your income or other circumstances.

Only certain medications are approved for MS under the Long Term Illness Scheme. You can find out which here 

If you are prescribed a medication that is not included on this list, you will generally have to pay for it yourself unless you have a Medical Card. However, you can lodge an appeal with your Local Health Office to have a medication included on your list so you can get it covered by the Long Term Illness Scheme. This only applies to medications which are prescribed by your Neurologist – a GP prescription will not be sufficient.

The National Advocacy Service

The National Advocacy Service provides independent, confidential and free advocacy for people with disabilities. Advocates can help you to claim your entitlements and access services.

You can find contact details for the Citizens Information through their find an address service.