Education is becoming much more inclusive of all different sections of society. For those with MS, many opportunities exist to take part in different forms of education. From a short-term course taken as a hobby, to a formal qualification leading to employment. Meaningful education can be sourced and supported through a variety of organisations and institutions.

While education is becoming more available, there are particular issues people with MS encounter while sourcing appropriate courses and colleges:

• Physical accessibility is the main concern as facilities in lecture halls, libraries can be limiting.
• Environmental concerns such as sound and heat can be also problematic for people with MS.
• Visual problems and fatigue can pose some obstacles.

However, most colleges now have a dedicated person/department that can assist people with disabilities to organise their college life to maximise the college experience. This is usually called the Access Office. They will be able to put support in place to reduce or eliminate obstacles.

Support during your studies may include:
• The loan/purchase of special equipment, i.e. voice recognition software
• Extra time during exams
• PA to help organise study, transcribe text to assistance in the library
• Information on your individual needs given to lecturers so they can become more inclusive
• Bursaries or scholarship