Managing your finances is a mainstay of modern life. The need to budget, shop around and ‘spring clean’ your finances is common to all. However, for families living with MS, there can be additional concern as Irish research has shown that those with disabilities incur greater living costs, and this can lead to extra pressure on the bank balance.

However, there is much advice, support and information available to help you organise your finances and secure your lifestyle for the future. Check out our benefits and entitlements section


The purpose of insurance is to protect us from the financial consequences of the unpredictable. Whether it’s a car accident, a holiday cancellation, home contents destroyed by a fire or the early death of a loved one – most people would expect to have no trouble getting insurance to fully cover such eventualities. For people with MS, however, that security is often unavailable, prohibitively expensive or inadequate for their needs.

Standard home and motor insurance policies are likely to bump up premiums if you want to add anything outside their ordinary terms – to insure a wheelchair for example. Those seeking travel insurance are likely to find that medical and cancellation cover for MS-related illnesses are commonly excluded.

Because MS affects people in different ways, some may be asked to pay more, while others may have problems finding cover or not find cover at all. But with shopping around and careful consideration of any special cover necessary, it is possible for many people with MS to find a suitable insurance policy at a reasonable price.