Western Region

The team in the Western region cover counties Galway, Mayo and Roscommon. We provide a range of services and activities to people with MS, their families, health professionals and others interested in or concerned about MS. Services are provided by professionally trained staff.

In the Western region, we have voluntary Branches offering local support and contact - Mayo and Roscommon.

All the Western region physiotherapy services are currently delivered remotely. These include online group classes and individual sessions, a free online exercise programme through PhysiApp, these can also be printed and posted, information and links to relevant resources, onward referrals to other support services and Health Care Professionals, advice and education around physical activity and symptoms along with general support to keep active and mobile.

Western Region

Western Regional Services

The services listed below are provided by our staff team with support from our Branches. To learn more about these services or to ask any questions, please get in touch with our office today.

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Western Region Contact Details

Multiple Sclerosis Ireland,
Western Regional Office,
Merlin Park

Telephone No: (091) 768630

Individual and family support, often called casework, is a one-to-one service provided by the Regional Community Worker. They work with the person with MS or/and their family to work through any issues or concerns. These issues may include those related to health and wellbeing, emotional factors, available services or welfare needs.

They are there to listen to your concerns, provide you with information you may need, support you in coming to terms with your diagnosis and refer you to other services and organisations if needed. Learn more about individual and family support.

Contact our office today to speak to a Regional Community Worker

Our programmes are a great way to learn more about MS, meet other people and pick up tips and hints from others. We provide a range of programmes including newly diagnosed seminars, support groups, physiotherapy and exercise classes, symptom management sessions and other information and professional advice programmes. These are run for people with MS, carers, families and health professionals.

MS Ireland believes physiotherapy and exercise is an important part of managing the impact of MS. Through our Getting The Balance Right programme and research we have devised various physiotherapy and exercise classes for people with varying levels of mobility. In our region we run a number of these types of classes.

Check our calendar to find our what programmes are currently running.

Our Physio West service are available to all people with MS living in Galway, Mayo or Roscommon. You do not need to be a member of MS Ireland to participate. https://www.ms-society.ie/physio-west

Our region operates a Community Employment Scheme as per the Department of Social Protection. Our team of 15 people work around the region to manitain personal contact with clients. They visit clients particularly in more remote areas and act as Physiotherapy Assistants for people with MS. Under the supervision of a physiotherapist, they work through a tailored plan for their clients. 

Our Regional Community Workers also work with other local agencies to improve and organise better services for people with MS locally. They also work closely with our voluntary Branches, create awareness of MS in their communities and work with healthcare professionals to improve their knowledge of MS.

The Regional Office is grateful to the Voluntary Branches, many of whom financially support the services above.

The following services are run by our dedicated teams of voluntary Branches in the West. Services differ from Branch to Branch, please get in touch with the Regional office for further details.

Counselling maybe offered on a time limited basis to people with MS who wish to express their feelings and emotions related to MS in a safe environment. In this confidential environment, a counsellor works with the person to explore skills and enable people with MS to better cope with their illness and related issues.

MS Ireland may be able to offer financial assistance to people with MS to help cover the costs of some expenses associated with the condition. Voluntary Branches raise this money through their fundraising activities. The Regional Community Worker liaises with the applicant and the voluntary Branch to ensure money cannot be sourced through state funds. Financial Assistance is administered through a payment made by the voluntary Branch and is governed by national regulations.

Read more about making a Financial Assistance application.

There are many types of events and activities organised to meet other people with MS in a comfortable, safe and friendly setting. Ranging from coffee mornings, socials and outings, these events are great ways to learn from others and share experiences in an informal setting.

Some voluntary Branches fund various therapies for people with MS in their area. These may include physiotherapy, chiropody, massage therapy or other complementary therapies.

All our voluntary Branches fundraise extensively to fund their services and contribute to the overall services of the West. From church-gate collections and bag packs to fun runs and concerts, voluntary Branches rely on the generosity of the local community. Check out our calendar to find out what fundraising events are coming up in this region.