A day in the life

Olivia and Fam


A DAY IN THE LIFE: Olivia Kirwan

Olivia Kirwan is a mum of three and is living with Multiple Sclerosis. Olivia let cameras into her home for the day to give a glimpse as to how she manages her daily family life while living with MS.

You can check out her brilliant story and daily routines by watching the videos below

Olivia's Morning Routine

In the first video, Olivia shows us how her symptoms impact her daily routine and family dynamics. She gives us a glimpse of what her day is like living with MS from the moment the kids get up to the moment it's time for bed.

Olivia's Midday Routine

In the second video, Olivia talks to us about how she manages her energy levels throughout the day in order to care for and spend time with her family.

Olivia's Evening Routine

In the third video, Olivia talks to us about the end of a typical day and how spending time with her family, even though she’s tired, is important to her.