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Emma Rogan
18 Sep 2015

Fertility and Pregnancy Part 1 of 2

This week Emma Rogan gives the first of her two parts on Fertility and Pregnancy. “The great news is there is plenty of evidence that confirms pregnancy can be a very good time for women, with absolutely no evidence that a woman’s fertility is affected by having MS”.

Aoife Kirwan
27 Aug 2015

Young People

These days life as a young person is not without its difficulties. With the economic times we are in, life is hard. Careers are more difficult to embark upon, housing is harder to secure, education isn't as accessible as young people would like. These are issues that can affect people on every level, add a chronic illness on top of that and many people would think life is impossible. Well not the young MSers of today, I hope. While it can be difficult to live with a condition like MS, it doesn't stop anyone from achieving the same things as others, you might just have to go about it a different way. I have spoken to people with MS who have told me that once they received their diagnosis they decided to forget about certain things that they had hoped to achieve in life. The thing is, you can still reach the goals you had set for yourself, and you may just have to rethink how to get to that end point. Sometimes it is the journey you were not expecting to have to make, ends up being the most beneficial, the most memorable.