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The successful Sláintecare Integration Fund Project, Active Neuro, employs an integrated care approach to delivering health promoting physical activity programmes for adults with neurological conditions. Research data on this programme has been used to improve the programmes further, and to successfully lobby for statutory funding of our services. As such, Active Neuro is currently available to anyone living with any neurological condition in the Dublin, West or Mid-West regions.

Active Neuro is a unique program - it is open to people with any neurological condition. Working together with other charities and with the HSE means that we are “stronger together.” We share knowledge, skills, and evidence to further improve programmes. Active Neuro also employs specialist physiotherapists who combine exercise and education to deliver programmes.

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The evidence suggest that these programmes maintain and improve symptoms like fatigue, strength and balance, and that people who take part in our programmes use the healthcare services less. Of note these programmes halved the number of people falling and the number of falls they had.

Our programmes are evidence based using the latest research to shape their content. Participants will be grouped with others of a similar age and mobility level. Active Neuro is free of charge, and you do not need to be a member of MS Ireland to take part. 

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Our next block of programmes for 2023 will begin in September

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Active Neuro IS MADE POSSIBLE BY FUNDING FROM THE Sláintecare Integration Fund Project