Move Smart For MS


MoveSmart MS is MS Ireland's online, nationally recruited, symptom-focused exercise program. It is funded by the Hospital Saturday Fund. It offers specialised, tailored, symptom-specific online exercise programmes for participants living with MS, grouped by age and stage in their MS journey. 

We are currently accepting registrations for our second block of programmes for 2023. By registering your interest below, you will be placed on a waiting list for Block 2 2023, beginnning the week of April 24th.
You can register your interest here.

We have learned that by moving our physiotherapy and exercise programmes online that the barriers of transport, travel time and accessibility are removed and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. By recruiting nationally, rather than locally, we can bring together groups of people with MS at a similar stage of their MS and deliver symptom-specific programmes.

Our next block begins shortly (April 24th 2023) and the programmes include : 

Core & Continence - Mondays @ 11am 

Newly Diagnosed - Mondays @ 6pm  

Pain Management - Tuesdays @ 11am  

Balance & Mobility - Tuesdays @ 2pm
(for people who use rollators or a pair of crutches/sticks)

Walking & Mobility - Wednesdays @ 11am
(for people who have poor balance and/or use a stick)

Strength & Balance - Wednesdays @ 11am

Better Balance & Falls Prevention - Wednesdays @ 2pm  

High Level Fitness - Wednesdays @ 6pm

Strength & Balance - Thursdays @ 2pm
(for people who have poor balance and/or use a stick)

Tone, Stiffness & Spasms - Fridays @ 11am  



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All of our programmes will include exercise and an education component to help you to meet your goals. Our programmes are evidence based using the latest research to shape their content. Participants will be grouped with others of a similar age and stage of MS and mobility level.

You do not need to be a member of MS Ireland to take part. MS Ireland’s regional programmes will continue throughout 2023 (contact your Regional Office for details).

Useful Resources for Participants

Foot Drop resource for people living with MS 

Walking Aids resource for people living with MS

Tips & Tricks for Urgency or Incontinence

MoveSmart MS Graduation Resources

For more information please contact, phone Jack on 086-0749628 

Our next block of programmes for 2023 will begin the week of April 24th. Our classes have people of a similar age and stage of MS and ability level.

“Move Smart MS is made possible by funding from THE HOSPITAL SATURDAY FUND.”

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