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Emma Rogan
Emma Rogan
16 Nov 2023

10 Year Celebration

Congratulations! For the past 10 years, you have been part of the life changing MS and Me blog, a place where people with MS shared their lives so eloquently, powerfully and without apology. 

Guest Blogger Jordan McCarthy
Jordan McCarthy
02 Nov 2023

Jordan McCarthy's MS Journey

Guest blogger Jordan McCarthy opens up about his personal MS journey and his reasons for encouraging your participation in this year's MS Readathon campaign.

Willeke Van Eeckhoutte 2021
Willeke Van Eekhoutte
12 Oct 2023

I Write About MS Because

Multiple Sclerosis… the name in itself can be frightening at any stage in life, even for those carrying the burden of it. What we often don't do, is talk about it as honestly as we must.      

Sometimes, we fear the reaction of those living with us, or we want to hide the unpredictability of symptoms popping up at the wrong time.

Christina McDonald
28 Sep 2023

Dear MS Ireland

There are so many things that you provide, for which I am thankful for. When you live with a chronic illness, life can become overwhelming and tiring. You provide me and other people living with MS with so many services that can help make our lives that much easier. In February you gave me the opportunity to attend the younger persons respite stay in the MS Care Centre in Bushy Park. I was very apprehensive about attending as my mobility is now very good and my MS is more of an invisible disability as of now. Although I was in two minds about going, I am so happy I did as it was the best week of my life. 

Grace Kavanagh
14 Sep 2023

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

I don’t want to dive into a long list of criticisms of myself, my life and how I could have done things better. That would be the easy way to approach this article and god knows I traumatise myself with these thoughts regularly enough. Life is always easier when looked at with the benefit of hindsight. Rather, I would like to look at this through more forgiving eyes. Sure, I made mistakes and could have gone about things in a more positive, productive way but I say this with the benefit of lots of experience and from learning things the hard way. I did the best I could with limited knowledge at the time. 

So, let’s dive in - what have I learnt that could have helped if I had come to the realisations earlier. 

MS & Me Blogger Emma
Emma Valentine
24 Aug 2023

Dear Daughter

This is the hardest blog post I have been asked to write for MS Ireland's MS and Me Community Blog. Emma Valentine

Joan Jordan
Joan Jordan
17 Aug 2023

Dear Son

'I hope that you have an understanding of my illness, now that you are older. I know I get tired and forget things. I hope that you can see that it’s not me, it’s the Multiple Sclerosis' 

Ciara O Meara 2021
Ciara O Meara
10 Aug 2023

But You Look Great

The innocence and compassion of childhood are qualities that I often wish we carried through to adulthood. If they had, I believe they would make us more empathetic and understanding human beings.