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MS Ireland/University of Limerick
12 Dec 2017

Better Balance Programme

Many people with multiple sclerosis experience falls, which can have significant consequences for the individual. The MS Research Team at the University of Limerick, led by Professor Susan Coote, have developed a falls prevention programme for people with multiple sclerosis and would like to assess how suitable and effective the programme is. 

Willeke Van Eeckhoutte
30 Nov 2017

My Bucket List

This week from the MS & Me archive Willeke Van Eeckhoutte lets us in on her bucket list, how she uses it and the importance of having goals in her life. 

Declan Groeger
23 Nov 2017

Accessible Parking Spaces

This week from the MS & Me archive, Declan Groeger shares his frustrations about accessible parking spaces used by people NOT living with a disability