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18 May 2022

New online Health promoting physical activity programme to launch in Galway, Mayo and Roscommon.

Active Neuro offers evidence-based health promoting physical activity programmes for adults living with neurological conditions in the community. The pilot project was funded by the Slaintecare Integration Fund in the Mid-West and Multiple Sclerosis Ireland are currently rolling out this service for people in Galway, Mayo and Roscommon with the support of the HSE disability services in CHO-2. 

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MS Ireland
18 May 2022

World MS Day Featured Jumpers

MS Ireland are delighted to announce that our MS Ireland Branded Jumpers are now available to buy as a limited-edition item in aid of our fundraising efforts for World MS Day. We have a total of 250 jumpers ranging in sizes available from S to XXL.  

We will be selling these jumpers in Aid of our fundraising efforts for World MS Day. The jumper is a featured item on our online shop, containing artwork from one our artists Lauren White Murphy who will be taking part in our World MS Day Art Exhibition

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MS Ireland
17 May 2022

MS Ireland’s 2022 Annual National Awards

Applications are now open for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland's annual awards. Nominate someone special today.

It is a great honour to be nominated for the national awards so we would encourage Branches, individual members and staff members to nominate members who they feel deserve recognition. 

Rosie Farrell
Rosie Farrell
12 May 2022

Part I- My disability is not a tragedy, and I am not a burden

My disability is not a tragedy and I am not a burden. I am not to be pitied and most of all I am not an inspiration just because I live with MS.

My MS and disability is just one part of who I am. It is part of my identity, just like gender, sexuality, race or religion may be part of yours. Yet society rarely sees it that way. And for a very long time I did not see it that way either.

Dearbhla Crosse
10 May 2022

Testing your limits can be both hellish and rewarding

MS will push you to your limits and expose your vulnerabilities. Most of us have had those days when just getting out of bed is a chore, let alone mustering up the energy to exercise. After my anxiety became infinitely worse during the pandemic and the return to pre-Covid normality had become too people-y, my boyfriend convinced me to start running.

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MS Ireland
06 May 2022

May 50k and Unislim

The May 50K kicked off on the 1st May and we were so excited to team up with Unislim for the month.

Unislim is running a “Walk Every Day in May” challenge and we were absolutely delighted when they said they’d come on board with us and promote The May 50k to their thousands of members. They are encouraging their members to get involved either solo or by getting a team together, friends, family, colleagues or fellow Unislimmers. A bit of “healthy” competition is a good thing.

Nadia Anshasi
05 May 2022

Initial Diagnosis - ‘Have you heard of MS?’

I’ve lived with MS for almost a decade now and I’ve encountered numerous other people living with MS, most of whom have gone on to become very good friends of mine. One of the first topics of conversation between friends with MS is the initial diagnosis of their condition.

The when/where/how of their journey with MS. These stories can vary greatly depending on the stage of life, the family circumstances, and the financial circumstances of the person around the time that they were diagnosed.

MS & Me blogger Maggie Green
Maggie Green
28 Apr 2022

Over Stretching Myself - Societal Pressures and MS

I was diagnosed in October of 2016. The diagnosis changed me, it made me less confident, less self-assured, more self-conscious and very worried for my future. I didn’t feel like myself any more. I had always been very independent, I didn’t want MS to rob me of that. I wanted to be able to take care of my children, I wanted to be able to provide for them. I wanted my life to just stay the same. I didn’t realise back then that things would have to change to accommodate this new addition to our lives

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Siobhan Lynch
27 Apr 2022

Siobhan lynch-Regional Worker Southern Region

My name is Siobhan Lynch and I am one of the Regional Community Workers in the Southern Region which covers Cork & Kerry. I form part of the Southern Regional Team and work alongside my colleagues Patricia Lucey, Aideen Connolly and Wendy Knott. We each have our own areas within the region that we cover and I cover the County of Kerry- the beloved Kingdom!

I have been working with MS Ireland for the past 20 years and I really enjoy the work that I do. I work Monday – Wednesday providing mainly one on one support to people with Multiple Sclerosis. I also engage with other family members such as their spouse/ partner, or parents or children where needs be

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MS Ireland
25 Apr 2022

The Art of MS – Symptoms Under the Spotlight’ exhibition

The Art of MS – Symptoms Under the Spotlight’ is an art exhibition created by MS Ireland in partnership with Novartis Ireland opening on Thursday May 26th featuring 12 original works of art created by people living with MS in Ireland. The exhibition has been organised to raise awareness of MS and the wide-ranging symptoms to mark World MS Day 2022.