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Christina McDonald
28 Sep 2023

Dear MS Ireland

There are so many things that you provide, for which I am thankful for. When you live with a chronic illness, life can become overwhelming and tiring. You provide me and other people living with MS with so many services that can help make our lives that much easier. In February you gave me the opportunity to attend the younger persons respite stay in the MS Care Centre in Bushy Park. I was very apprehensive about attending as my mobility is now very good and my MS is more of an invisible disability as of now. Although I was in two minds about going, I am so happy I did as it was the best week of my life. 

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MS Ireland
21 Sep 2023

MS Ireland Respite Centre Business Case

MS Ireland is delighted to launch their MS Respite Centre Business Case seeking an additional €627,000 funding to increase respite availability to people with Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological conditions. This extra funding will expand the Respite Centre’s opening hours to 350 days and provide an additional 1,248 bed nights.

Please read our Respite Centre Business Case for funding and we have provided a template letter should you wish to contact your local Oireachtas member to help us advocate for this essential service. Both of these can be found below.

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20 Sep 2023

MS Ireland launches their campaign for the expansion of the National MS Respite Centre with Senator Tom Clonan.

MS Ireland launched their campaign for additional funding for the National MS Respite Centre to expand its opening to 350 days per annum and providing an additional 1,248 bed nights annually. MS Ireland is seeking an additional €627,000 funding from the Government to increase respite availability to people with Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological conditions. This can help alleviate pressure points increasingly developing in the residential and home respite care sectors.

Senator Tom Clonan (Ind), speaking at the funding request launch today said “Ireland is an outlier within the EU when it comes to respite and care.  The requirement for funding to expand respite is the very minimum that should be done - particularly when we have a budget surplus”.

Ava Battles, Chief Executive Officer of MS Ireland also speaking at the launch said, “Our Respite Centre provides a modern state-of the-art respite service, which focuses not just on providing a break for the People living with MS and their caregivers, but delivers a range of therapeutic services, neurological assessments and many social activities, all designed to revitalise and rejuvenate and help keep people living with neurological conditions well at home”.