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Rosie Farrell
Rosie Farrell
07 Mar 2024

A Letter to My Husband

Dear Niall,

Eight years ago I held your hand on a still May morning as we set off on our third Darkness into Light walk for Pieta House, a charity that we both owe a lot to. I knew our whole world was about to change. After three weeks in hospital the previous October, having undergone every test and multiple lumbar punctures, the threat of those two words clung to everything - Multiple Sclerosis.

People sailing in the Oceans of Hope Challenge
MS Ireland
01 Mar 2024

CEO Robert Munns' Inspirational Journey through the Oceans of Hope Challenge

The inspirational co-founder and CEO Robert Munns of the Oceans of Hope Challenge talks about the original Oceans of Hope which was sailed by an active crew of over 100 people with MS from across the globe. The circumnavigation sought to change the perceptions of what is possible when living with a chronic and debilitating condition. Oceans of Hope changed the mindset from disability to ability and led to Robert’s inspiring story of setting up the charity. 

Picture of Nadia
Nadia Anshasi
29 Feb 2024

Hollywood, Applegate and an Irish sense of humour

It’s that time of year again – awards season 2024. I’m no film buff, but even I can’t resist being swept up in the glamour and excitement of it all; whether it’s gushing over all of the designer gunas or admiring the A-lister’s hair and makeup.

While Barbie versus Oppenheimer seems to be dominating the talk of tinsel town, my eye has been drawn to a lesser-hyped moment of this season: Christina Applegate

Image of building
Orla Marron
22 Feb 2024

A Journey of Remembrance, Healing & Hope

On Sunday the 18th February, a community was brought together. In unity of Remembrance, Healing & Hope. Journeys intertwined, paths crossed from near and far, and yet with each journey being unique, the destination was but one - Tranquility.

MS Ireland Logo
MS and Me Blog Editorial Team
22 Feb 2024

A new chapter for the MS and Me blog

A belated happy New Year to you all. Last year saw the MS and Me blog celebrate its 10th year thanks to the amazing support of the MS community and we are excited to say we have plenty of new and exciting changes afoot for 2024.

MS Ireland
21 Feb 2024

Survey for health professionals experienced in the care of people with PPMS

MS Ireland would like to invite relevant health professionals to participate in our web-based survey as part of a European study "Needs of People with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis" (NIPS). The study is led by the University of Lübeck in cooperation with the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg and partners from the Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and the UK. The NIPS study is funded by the European Research Network: "Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis" (RIMS) (