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MS Ireland
20 Dec 2016

HSE Service Plan 2017

The HSE released the Service Plan for 2017 on 14th December. The Service Plan details the delivery of health services that the HSE will provide directly, and through a range of funded agencies, in 2017. The plan can be accessed here

Willeke Van Eeckhoutte
15 Dec 2016

My MS Passion Piece

This week Willeke Van Eeckhoutte writes about her passion and shares with us how her childhood dreams did come true. 

Gillian Carroll Bouse
01 Dec 2016

Sugar and Health

This week our guest blogger Gillian Carroll Bouse shares her thoughts on a sugar-free Christmas and her efforts to purge the sweet-but deadly- stuff from her diet. 

MS Ireland
24 Nov 2016

My MS My Needs Report

In May 2016, over 800 people with MS completed the 'My MS My Needs' survey. The purpose of the survey was to help us plan our services and to inform our ongoing advocacy work. We are still currently working with a researcher to produce a full report.