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03 Feb 2023

Take on the March 3,000 Push Up Challenge

Take on 3,000 Push Up Challenge in March to Support MS Ireland 

  • MS Ireland is asking people across Ireland to challenge themselves by doing our Push Up Challenge of completing 3,000 pushups in March.    

  • Raise much needed funds to enhance the vital services of MS Ireland 

  • Sign up now and get your Push Up Challenge Pack here

  • Visit our Facebook Group here 

  • If you do not wish to set up a Facebook fundraiser, you can set one up here instead

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MS Ireland
31 Jan 2023


MS Ireland is conducting a repeat of a 2016 comprehensive survey of the needs of people with MS. The results of the survey will help us to plan our services and will inform our ongoing advocacy work. It will also help to inform us of where there are gaps currently in service provision and the information gathered will offer us an evidence based platform to campaign on your behalf. It is therefore very important that we get as many responses as possible – this is a vital opportunity for people with MS to have their voices heard and make their needs known. The survey takes approximately 15-30 minutes to complete. All responses will be anonymous and the questionnaire does not ask for any personal information. We would like to assure you that the information gathered will only be used for the purposes stated above.

To complete the survey click here.

Joan Jordan
Joan Jordan
26 Jan 2023

Dear MS,

We have known each other for a while now. I was diagnosed 14 years ago, but you were lurking in the shadows long before. You take up so much space in my head! What on earth did I think about before you came along? Why won’t you leave me alone? Why won’t you leave the other 2.8 million people you affect alone?

Trevis Gleason
Trevis Gleason
19 Jan 2023

The Unspeakable Bits – A New Webcast Series from MS Ireland

Happy New Year to all the MS & Me readers and your families!

As we move into 2023 in earnest, we’re excited to announce a spin-off from the MS & Me blog, an MS & Me webinar series entitled “The Unspeakable Bits”. The first one is set to air, live, from 20:00 on Thursday, 26th January (Join host Trevis L Gleason and a panel of MS professionals to talk about a Healthy Body: Healthy Brain on Thursday, 26th at 8:00pm* Register here).

Emma Rogan
Emma Rogan
12 Jan 2023

Begin, Again

Happy New Year! What is it about the turning of the year that has us reviewing everything? Planning, making arbitrary promises, our social channels flooded with infinite numbers of articles about changing habits or ‘living your best life’ (??).  

Rosie Farrell
Rosie McCormack
16 Dec 2022

MS and Christmas

There are the parts of Christmas I love, like time with family, winter walks, twinkling lights and evenings by a cosy fire. But the parts I like don’t always gel well with my MS. As a result, Christmas can turn into something of a marathon for me and excitement tends to quickly give way to dread when I realise there is no way my body will cope with all the festivities.

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MS Ireland
30 Nov 2022

Christmas Jumper Day 2022

This Christmas, it is time to gather your family and friends, work colleagues, school pupils and youth groups, or you local club members, and don your best (or worst!) festive Christmas Jumpers!